Friday, 30 December 2011

Jeans that fit, yes you heard me.

If you're reading this, then you like to shop.  But have you ever considered just how much you take for granted the ease of buying clothes?  You see an item you like, you whisk it off the shelf, head for the dressing room, try it on and quickly deduce whether it suits you or not.  Then depending on your level of self-control, you either toss it if it's not exactly right, or buy it no matter what the fitting room outcome.

However if you're anything like me, there is one item in the wardrobe which is NEVER a pleasure to shop for - jeans.  Jeans shopping has become a once-a-year full day commitment/ordeal for me, during which I will trail every high-street shop, picking out up to 25 pairs to try (I'm one of the few that seem to use those £1 trolleys in TK Maxx...), then I will typically come out of the fitting room an hour later with nothing that even vaguely fitted and so, having little self-control, I leave with a pair I don't want.  I have therefore resorted to always wearing ill-fitting jeans and either pasting them to my hips with a tight belt, or simply wearing long tops to cover up the whole mess.

The problem is that I am of mixed race origin, being one half Caribbean, one half English, and with such a heritage, well let's just say that my behind is a little more prominent than that most of my friends' (or as Levi's tactfully put it, I have a 'full seat').  This has caused me no end of problems when it comes to jeans, as it means that there is always a gaping hole at the back since the jeans are not designed to sit flat on a more curved figure.  However, about a year ago, I discovered a miracle - Levi's Curve ID.  Levi's have measured 65,000 women to make these custom-fit jeans, which are actually designed to fit real women!  And they're not just for the more curvy figure - whether you're full-seated or not, there's a fit just for you.  When I saw the advertisements for the jeans, I thought I'd take a look so I went to my nearest shop, found my size (I take a bold curve fit) and miracle of all miracles, the jeans fitted first time, perfectly.  No gaping holes, no need for belts, no massively over-generous leg length (who decided that 'Regular' would fit someone 6" or over?)  My days of uncomfortable jeans are over.

There is a downside.  Levi's are a bit pricey being £80 - £100 on average, but I wear jeans everyday of my life and so am happy to splash out a little more for good jeans that fit.  Plus, Levi's offer a generous 20% student discount, and Christmas is over so make the most of the sales!

Find your ID now here.

Levi's Bold Curve Skinny - now £64 was £80 - 20% off

Levi's Demi Curve Skinny - now £72 was £90 - 20% off

Levi's Slight Curve Slim - now £64 was £80 - 20% off

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