Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Victoria, by Victoria Beckham

Following the release of her sister line, 'Victoria, by Victoria Beckham', I thought I'd dedicate a post to the lady herself.

When I was at primary school in the late nineties, me and my friends were absolutely Spice Girl obsessed, and would spend break times rehearsing their songs and dance routines in the playground (I was deemed to most resemble Scary Spice much to my loathing, and always wanted to be the girly, fashionable Posh Spice).  In hindsight, Victoria really was no fashion icon back then, but that most certainly cannot be said of her today.

My childhood idol!

Victoria seems to have slowly emerged as a key fashion figure, something which has suddenly gained momentum in recent years.  Left behind are her typical WAG looks - tacky extensions and highlights, too much (orange) skin on show, blinging jewellery and distateful big designer branding, and she has emerged as a sleek, chic and demure icon, holding true to her former nickname.

Victoria Beckham dressed as a WAG

Her new line, 'Victoria, by Victoria Beckham' is a less pricey sister line of her main brand (never-the-less, prices start at £395), but instead of the more sophisticated dresses from the main line, 'Victoria' is all about fun cuts, pretty girly details and a 60's vibe - in short, it's made to suit a younger generation of VB fans.

The sophisticated VB we know and love today

Victoria won 'Designer Brand of the Year', an honour which she clearly found humbling which is so refreshing when celebrities these days can become so easily conceited.

The collection is exclusive to Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge and Birmingham, but if you don't live close then you can mail order.

Victoria has collaborated with film-maker Quentin Jones (Cambridge educated, former-model, already created a video for Chanel, you know, the usual) to showcase the collection.  Take a look here:


Personally, I find the video a bit tedious and far to 'manufactured' - I really feel I need to see some green grass or something after 3 minutes of this, but that's just me.

However, the collection is fabulous and boasted a waiting-list before it was released, and now the Harvey Nics stores are waiting for fresh supplies of some of the most popular designs (namely the pink tunic dress Mrs Beckham is sporting (ha-ha) below.

VB in one of the pieces for the new collection

Well done to Victoria Beckham for defeating her critics and reinventing herself as a major player in the fashion world.

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