Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Roaring Twenties

An upcoming trend for us this Spring/Summer is 1920's Jazz Age fashion.

Actress Alice Joyce

The 20's in the US saw a time of great prosperity following the end of WW1, and with it evolved the flapper girl - think scandalously short skirts (that is, knee-length and longer), bob hair cuts and cloche hats.

Seen at many of the big fashion houses including Ralph Lauren, Marchesa and Gucci, garments such as silk slip dresses and fully beaded pleated dresses took centre stage, accessorised with cloche hats, long beads and a fur strewn over the shoulders.

Gucci SS 2012

The 1920's overturned many conventions in womenswear such as the corset being abandoned for a simple camisole, leading to a much more boyish figure, and women even went so far as to wear trousers  (Coco Chanel was a notable pioneer of this.)  Therefore, opt for a close fitting dress if you still wish for an accentuated waist, rather than adding a belt to a piece which needs no further adornment.

Marchesa SS 2012

French Connection

The trend is totally wearable, with not-too-much skin on show and a relatively loose fit to the body.  Keep it modern with ballet flats (providing the dress is knee-length or shorter) and a cropped jacket.

Cloche Hats at Ralph Lauren


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